Friday 26 November 2021

SaReGaMaPa 2021 Elimination List Zee TV | See Who's Eliminated This Weekend

 Zee TV's SaReGaMaPa 2021 Singing reality show Public Voting Lines have been Opened Last weekend and Based on the Public Voting results, One or more Contestants to be eliminated every weekend from the show. See Who is eliminated This Week in a First Elimination round.


SaReGaMaPa 2021 Elimination has been revealed. Top 16 Contestants have tried their best to stay longer into the competition but one has to go Home based onto the Public Voting results. See Who is Eliminated from SaReGaMaPa 2021 singing show on Zee TV based on the lower scores or Votes they gets by their performances.

SaReGaMaPa 2021 Elimination List Zee TV | Eliminated

SaReGaMaPa 2021 Elimination on 28th November 2021 Episode - Farhan Sabir and Kinjal Chatterjee Eliminated very First.

farhan kinjal elimination

SaReGaMaPa 2021 Elimination on 5th December 2021 Episode - Arvind Nair, Raju Nadaf Eliminated

arvind raju

SaReGaMaPa 2021 Elimination on 12th December 2021 Episode - TBA

Sachin Kumar Valmiki, Yumna Ajin, Vraj Kshatriya, Sharad Sharma, Aravind Nair, Sanjana Bhat, Neelanjana Ray, Ananya Chakraborty, Laj, , Anshika Chonkar, Farhan Sabir,Kinjal Chatterjee, Akansha Rao, Rajashree Bag, Deepayan Banerjee, Snigdhajit Bhowmik are the TOP 16 Contestants on Zee TV's SaReGaMaPa 2021 Singing reality show.

Keep Watching SaReGaMaPa 2021 Every Saturday and Sunday 9 PM on Zee TV. Vote and Support your favorite to Save them from the Elimination. SRGMP 2021 Eliminated Contestants List to be updated here. Stay Tuned.